Kurukshetra Festival Quiz

Quiz for Kurukshetra Festival

It’s fun to read mythological tales. Read the informative texts of the Kurukshetra festival before trying your hand out at answering the quiz questions. It’s a true pleasure to spot your increasing score card. Feedbacks are always appreciated.
Kurukshetra Festival Quiz
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Answer the questions below:

1. Kauravs and pandavas had fought in which battle?

2. During Kurukshetra festival whose birthday is celebrated?

3. Who explained the duties of Arjuna?

4. Who was the chariot driver of Arjun?

5. Kurukshetra is situated in which Indian state?

6. Where the essence of Hindu Religion had originated from?

7. Kurukshetra festival continued for how many days?

8. The Kurukshetra festival is celebrated in which month?

9. The Kurukshetra festival is celebrated by the people of which religion?

10. Kurukshetra festival is celebrated on which day of the bright half of Margshirsha?

11. The Bhagavad Gita is the holy book of which religion?

12. Where did the sage Manu write 'Manusmriti'?

13. The festival in Kurukshetra coincides with which festival?

14. The great dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjuna during the famous battle of Mahabharata is written in which book?

15. The holy land of Kurukshetra is located on the banks of which river?

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