Make a bandanna mask at home, fight corona virus. No sewing, use cloth, t-shirt and bandana

Make your own cloth mask with t-shirt or bandana. Protection against Corona Virus

DIY face masks

  • Make your own face masks at home.
  • Use yourself, donate to others.
  • Keep safe, fight covid.
Make your own face mask at home

Face masks help reduce the virus load, helping us to fight corona virus or covid 19 better. It protects the non infected persons from inhaling a much lesser load of the virus, and also keeps most of the load on the virus within the mask in infected person.

Mas protection against corona virus or covid 19

Below we give you some of the easiest and fastest ways to make masks at home, using common items like t shirts and bandanas. Please note these are not medical or surgical masks, and they should be washed daily, after every use, for maximum efficacy.

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For those who have a stitching/sewing machine at home, you can easily make a pleated mask as well, check the last video for the same.

Make a face mask in 5 minutes with a Bandana


Make a crop top from your T Shirt, and also have a mask from it! No Sewing Required


Make a fashionable mask from your T shirt. No Sewing Required!


Have a Sewing Machine at Home? Make a pleated mask in 5 minutes

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