It's another year. And it's the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., once again. Want to pay a tribute to King? You can certainly do so with us. The best way to show some respect to the man is to do the things he fought for all his life. Here we have brought for you some activities to perform on King's birthday. Remember King once more and celebrate his birthday with us. You will do well to include your kids in your house or the kids in your locality and get them to know about and follow the ideals King believed in. If you like our activities, click here to refer this page to anybody you want. Happy Martin Luther King Day!.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., also called Martin Luther King Day, is a United States holiday honoring the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., observed on the third Monday of January each year, around the time of King's birthday, January 15.

Dr. King's work, words, and wisdom mean many things to many people- so on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, learn more and celebrate the life and times of this American iconoclast who made life better for all of us.

Celebrate Dr. King's Birthday with the kids, the future of our nation.
No dreams, no life
So keep the Dream alive!

"He wanted all the brown kids and white kids to like each other."
"He wanted everybody to sit on the bus wherever they want."
In honor of the eternal gifts Dr. King bestowed our nation, try these creative ways to help children celebrate his vision of hope and sense of humanity.

1. Cook up multicultural cuisine- Dr. King embraced diversity and one of his greatest achievements was his ability to help Americans honor myriad cultures. Celebrate his birthday with an eclectic holiday dinner featuring cuisine from different parts of the world. Serve Puerto Rican rice-and-beans, Boston clam chowder, a Chinese stir-fry, and a peach pie from Dr. King's native Atlanta. The variations are endless, and you can select from short and quick recipes, if you like. So spice up your life and enjoy!

2. Decorate with colors- A party is never complete without decorations! Here's a great MLK Day activity to do with children: Make the classic paper chains using black, white, red, yellow, and brown paper so that they represent the various skin tones found across the world. Explain the symbolism behind the craft to the kids. A variation on this theme: Children can trace their own hands, and then color them in using different skin-tone shaded crayons.

3. Come out and walk- Most children learn about Dr. King as an individual, but the changes that came about during the Civil Rights era of the 1960s were the result of a massive social movement, not the actions of one man. A good way to press home that point with kids is to "just take it to the streets" as a group of family and friends. Plan a walk to raise money for a local charity or nonprofit organization or a pet centre that your children care about. Ask relatives and neighbors to sponsor your family for a certain amount of money per mile (or block). Although the cause may be different than those Dr. King fought for, the message to children will be the same: "When we all march together, we can change things."

4. Privileged you are to help the less privileged- School-aged children will enjoy helping to identify a worthy cause-with the consent and help of their teachers, they can prepare waffle sheets to collect money from various sources, say from relatives, family friends etc. The idea is to raise4 money for a cause- donating to an orphanage or spastic society.
Finally, when it's time to send in your donation, make sure you note that it is made in honor of Dr. King's memory.

5. Make a difference by visiting another House of Worship God is one- Deliver this message to your little bundle of joy. Celebrate Dr.King's birthday weekend and promote religious tolerance by taking children to a church, temple, or or a mosque other than your own. Let them know about the unfamiliar prayers and rituals, while promoting the common threads: "Even though we sing different hymns, we all believe in the same God."

6. Egg it out- Bring in a dozen brown eggs and a dozen white eggs. Make the kids into pairs, observe the eggs, and then open them up. The message is simple-though the eggs have different exteriors, they are the same on the inside, just like us. Later you can always cook the eggs for a snack and have a fun filled picnic.

7. Draw your dreams - Encourage your kids to make King Crowns. Cut out paper crowns for each child. Ask then to draw a picture of their dreams for a better world.

8. Bracelets for a cause- Kids can enjoy themselves in making Martin Luther King (MLK) bracelets. The required materials are black and white beads, construction paper hearts (hole cut out in centre) and yarn. Each child should string some black and white beads and some construction paper hearts onto their piece of yarn. Tie the ends of yarn together thus making the bracelet.

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