Paper flowers

Spiky Paper Flowers for the May basket

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Use paper of a single color for each bloom, or make each layer from a different shade.
For instance, from pink through mauve and violet and other shades of blue.
This will give rise to a glowing, luminous effect.
Crepe paper makes suitably chunky leaves to contrast with the delicate flowers.

All you need:
20 cm/8 inches squares of tissue paper in flower colors
crepe paper in green, florists' wire
small paper scissors
a needle


1. step 1
Bend a small loop in one end of a length of wire. Fold four sheets of tissue paper together into quarters. Beginning about 2.5 cm/1 inch away from the central corner, cut a circle of spikes radiating out towards the outer edges of the paper.

2. step 2
Open out the folds and use a needle to make a hole through the center. Push the straight end of the wire through the hole. Separate the tissue paper layers and rotate them slightly to stagger them.

3. step 3
Turn the flower over. Then gently gather the petals over the wire loop. Holding the bottom of the flower between thumb and forefinger, twist the wire two or three times around the center of the paper to secure.

4. step 4
Fold the sheets of crepe paper in half and cut out leaf shapes. Wire these in the same way and arrange between and around the flowers.


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