Vase basket

A Vase Basket

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May Day basket may be of various kinds. Some are made of canes, some of wires, some of china, and some of glass. Again there are some like paper basket, or, cloth basket, that come real handy - easy to prepare, yet ready to serve the purpose. Here's one such basket.
Just give it a try before buying out a new one.

Colored poster board
(red or purple)
2 paper doily(s)
1 heavily starched cloth doily
craft knife
crepe paper
a pencil compass
PVA glue
pipe cleaners
satin ribbons of different colors
Fresh or Silk flowers of your choice
(Fresh are better,
since this is a celebration of spring!)

Take a red or purple colored poster board. Draw a large circle by fixing the pencil point a sizable distance away from the needle of the compass.

Use scissors to cut out the circle.Now use the craft knife to trim the pointed edges left after cutting with the scissors.

Fold this circle into cone shape. Staple the cone in the position where the poster board end overlaps.

Take up two doilies. Lightly glue one side of each of them. And paste them side by side on one around the cone. Do it in a way that the doilies are pasted after leaving some margin along the border of the cone's open end.

Cut two broad strips of the crepe paper. Wind a pipe cleaner around the middle of one to make a bow. Repeat the process for another crepe paper. Now glue one of the bows on the card to fill the gap between the two doilies. If one serves the purpose it's OK. Otherwise take up another piece of crepe and repeat the process as the earlier one and fill the remaining gap. After using the two bows, make sure it looks like - one doily, one bow; followed by one doily, one bow.

Take up the heavily starched doily. Fold the doily into half so that the edge of both the halves coincide. Cut out the doily along the folded line.

Now glue the straight sides of the two halves.And paste them bordering along the open end (below which the paper doilies have been pasted) of the cone. Do it in a way so that the wavy side of the doily jut out in the air from the mouth the cone.

Tie ribbons at center to hold the cone shape. Wrap ribbon around the cone, and tie.

With an 18" piece of ribbon, tie on a hanger. Look down into the cone. The placement of the hanger knots should be at 4 and 8 o'clock, or, toward the "front". Remember to keep your knots simple, and easy to remove.

At each side of the hanger, tie bows, letting ribbon tails hang down.

Fill with bright spring blooms and grasses.

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