40 Tips to How to Loose Your Weight | Natural ways to Weight Loss
40 tips to lose weights

How To Lose Your Weight.

    maintaining food diaries
  • WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU EAT FOR ONE WEEK AND YOU SURE WILL LOSE WEIGHT – Research says that people who maintain food diaries end up eating 15% less than those who don't. Take extra care when it comes to weekends. A University in North Carolina states that people tend to consume 115 extra calories on every weekend day. This extra is mainly due to consumption of alcohol and fat. Try and cut down fats from spreads, various snacks, condiments and of the kind. These small initiatives end up making a huge difference in weight gain and loss later on.
  • ADD 10% TO THE AMOUNT OF CALORIES YOU THINK YOU ARE EATING ON A DAILY BASIS – If you estimate that you're eating about 1,700 calories a day, and yet are confused as to why you're not losing weight, add 170 calories more to your estimated amount. It is often seen that the new amount is more accurate. Cope with or change your eating habits accordingly.
  • online weight loss programme
  • GET AN ONLINE WEIGHT LOSS BUDDY TO LOSE MORE WEIGHT – Studies from a University of Vermont concludes that Online buddies are very helpful when it comes to losing weight. The volunteers were followed by the researchers for 18 months. It was seen that those who signed up for an Internet-based weight-loss programme lost more weight than those who went to a support group.
  • GET A MANTRA – You must have heard of self-fulfilling prophecies. It's high time you experienced them. If you keep concentrating on things you think are impossible for you to do, you'll never be successful. Instead repeating positive thoughts to yourself will prove more fruitful. ( “I can avoid junk food.”, “I can neglect the pastry after dinner” , “I can go out for a walk.”) You will soon find these mantras coming true for you.
  • Stick to water after breakfast
  • AFTER BREAKFAST, STICK TO WATER – You can have juices during breakfast, but try and stick to water and avoid juices and sodas for the rest of the day. An average American is subjected to 245 extra calories per day due to consumption of soft drinks. That adds up to 25 pounds a year. Despite the calories,research shows that soft drinks and sodas fail to provide a sense of fullness unlike food.
  • EAT THREE FEWER BITES OF YOUR MEAL – One less treat or soft drink a day can save you from consuming 100 calories every day. Thus, it can save you from putting on 2 pounds at the end of the year.
  • WATCH ONE LESS HOUR OF TV – The more you watch television, the more you tend to eat and the more you eat overall. So, sacrificing one programme and going out for a walk instead won't hurt much. Also, you can save yourself from putting on weight.
  • cleaning window pane
  • WASH SOMETHING THOROUGHLY ONCE A WEEK – Be it the floor of your room, a few window panes, a particular tile of the bathroom, or the shower stall. A 150 pound person after a minute of vigorous scrubbing is likely to burn about 4 calories. You can burn 120 calories for every 30 minutes of scrubbing. And that is equal to half cup vanilla in frozen yogurt.
  • WAIT UNTIL YOUR STOMACH RUMBLES UNTIL YOU REACH FOR FOOD – It's astonishing how much we eat due to boredom, depression, frustration and more. Most of us have even forgotten what physical hunger feels like. If you want only one specific food like only pizza and nothing else, it is not hunger but craving. If you will eat anything that you get, call it hunger only then. Accept the fact that there are other ways to express emotions and get through depression instead of eating.
  • to put away hunger
  • SNIFF A BANANA, AN APPLE OR A PEPPERMINT WHEN YOU FEEL HUNGRY – As silly as it may sound, it works. The neurological director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, Dr. Alan. R. Hirsch M.D performed this experiment with 3000 volunteers. The observation states that the more you sniff the food, the less hungry you feel and the more weight (approximately 30 pounds) you lose. One of the many theories state that sniffing food tricks the brain into believing that you're actually eating the food.
  • STARE AT THE COLOR BLUE – Blue is known to be an appetite suppressant. This is the reason why most restaurants avoid the color blue when it comes to interiors and decoration. So, dressing up in blue when you eat, eating in blue plates and laying down a blue tablecloth is likely to prove fruitful. On the other hand, red, yellow and orange encourage eating. Try to avoid these colors in your dining area.
  • EAT IN FRONT OF MIRRORS AND YOU'LL LOSE WEIGHT – Studies say that eating in front of mirrors reduce your eating capacity and urge by one third. Looking yourself in the eye, remindsyou of your goals and why you're trying to lose weight. This makes you conscious and you end up eating less.
  • Climb stairs to loose weights
  • SPEND 10 MINUTES A DAY WALKING UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS – The Centers for Disease Control say that, it is all it takes to lose almost 10 pounds a year, as long as you don't start eating more.
  • WALK FIVE MINUTES FOR AT LEAST EVERY TWO HOURS – If you think you're gaining weight because of sitting at the table all day long, then go for a walk for 5 mins every 2 hours. It will add up to a 20 min walk by the end of the day. Also, taking a break prevents you from snacking due to boredom.
  • YOU'LL LOSE WEIGHT AND FAT IF YOU WALK 45 MINS A DAY, NOT 30 – A 30 minute walk is enough to not let you gain weight. However, a 45 minute walk helps you lose weight and burn fat. It helps you burn an extra 300 calories.
  • DON'T BUY ANY PREPARED FOOD – Be it sugar, corn syrup, fructose or anything of the kind, avoid it. You should be able to find a similar food with a lower sugar content. If you can't, snack on a fruit instead. Ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing are sugar free food varieties. Avoiding semi hydrogenated foods is also needed. Consume more than 2 grams of fiber every 100 calories in all kinds of grains. A short ingredient list means lesser increase of flavor and empty calories.
  • PUT YOUR FORK OR SPOON DOWN BETWEEN EVERY BITE – Keep on sipping water during your meals. Converse with your partner about the day and the various amusing things that may have happened. If you are pretty slow with your food, your brain starts lagging with your stomach and tells it that you are no more in need of food.
  • THROW OUT YOUR “FAT” CLOTHES FOR GOOD – As soon as you start losing weight, throw out every piece of fabric that doesn't fit. The thought and fact that you may have to buy a whole cupboard of clothes if you gain weight, will help you lose weight.
  • CLOSE THE KITCHEN FOR 12 HOURS – After you are done with dinner, clean your kitchen properly. Do the dishes, clear the counter, turn off the lights and as ridiculous as it may sound, try and tape the refrigerator and microwave. A University in Texas, found that the overall consumption of calories is greatly increased by late night snacking. Stopping the habit of eating late at night after dinner can save you from gaining 31 pounds a year.
  • WALK BEFORE DINNER AND YOU'LL CUT CALORIES AND YOUR APPETITE – The University of Glasgow in Scotland, conducted a study of 10 women with obesity. It was observed that by walking for 20 minutes before dinner, their appetite was reduced as they felt full like after having a light meal.

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