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Analysis of Virgo for 2015 (August 24 – September 22)

The year 2015 will be the year of new opportunities, chances and experiences for changing the life of person with Virgo sun sign. They will become more joyful, more optimistic with a more positive attitude.
Virgo Sign

Horoscope for 2015 (August 24 – September 22)


Love Sign Pluto stays in your romantic region, Neptune remains in your intimacy region, and Uranus remains in your romance region, so you want true love with your soul mate and a passionate sex life - you can see how that could affect your ability to have a lot of relationships at this point of time. Mars will be in your romance region from the middle of January to that of February, and then your passion region through March, and you can forge a freshcommitment then and get close swiftly, especially with the solar eclipse in March in your passion region. You feel a commitment that’s powerful and strong, and you get intimate quite fast. It’ll probably be over with the lunar eclipse taking place in your passion region in September, and you conclude that while it was a firm physical connection, it wasn’t quite the love connection you were looking for. Perhaps next time you will fare better.


Career Sign This year has some obstacles for you with your work, Virgo. A lunar eclipse takes place in your monetary region in April, and you conclude a financial arrangement or agreement, or leave another side gig or job or you’ve been pursuing for extra money. Mars will be in your area of work to begin the year until the middle of January, your career region from the middle of May to late June, and your monetary region from the middle of November for the rest of the year. You begin the year concentrating on your work and trying to make way for work opportunities for yourself, concentrate on your life’s goals during the summer, and finish the year wanting to increase your finances.

The issue isyour ruler, Mercury, will appear to move in reverse in these identical houses in this year: be in your area of work to begin the year until the middle of January, your career region from the middle of May to late June, and your monetary region from the middle of November for the rest of the year. You have delays and setbacks, experience frustrations and blocks, and put in more effort but have less to show for it. You have to be very patient and not make any important choices regarding this region of your life this year, and try to go with the flow. This is a favourable year to go back to work at an old job, for an old employer, or pursue an old career.

Home and Family

Home and Family Saturn comes into Sagittarius and your family and homeregion in 2015. With Saturn stationed here, you can feel that you feel claustrophobic at home, whether it be from the space or the people itself. You can make a note of what you need to live on, and begin to live with less. Some of you might shift to a smaller place. You can have increasingly distant relationships with your family and you idealistically evaluate if they’ve been healthy contributors to your life, and walk out of the ones that haven’t been. You feel the importance of your responsibilities with your next of kin, and it can keep your mood low at times.

Pluto stays in the region dominating your children, should you have any.There continues to be fights over control and power. You feel you should have a lot more as a parent, but they shift back. Mercury will appear to move in reverse in the region dominating your parents from the middle of May to that of June, and you could face some issues with them at that time, not staying on the same page.

Mental State

Mental State Scorpio has kept Saturnstationed in the region dominating your mind, so you’ve been increasingly serious than you normally have been in the last few years. You’re quite a no-nonsense sign anyway, but it’s been far worse, and you’ve had a tough time concentrating on the positive side of your life. Now that Saturn will move out of Scorpio, only staying in this sign from the middle of June to that of September, you can begin to turn your mood around and not stay stuck in gloomy states.

Jupiter in Leo throughout the middle of August is in the region dominating your subconscious mind, and this makes it simpler for you to dig into your subconscious and figure yourself out better. It’s also simpler for you to let go of your emotional weight and move on from the past. That becomes necessary with Venus appearing to move in reverse in this regionfrom August to early September, and you’re agitated by the past. Mars will stay in this region at the same time, so you’re irritated by it all, and it leads you to being argumentative and frustrated. Mars will stay in a positiveregion from April to the middle of May, and this is likely when your mood will be happiest in this year, and you’re not so concerned or anxious about the past.


General Jupiter comes into your sign in 2015, Virgo, beginning from the middle of August. Jupiter’s presence in your sign is a favourable time, full of golden chances for you to have fresh experiences and bring positive things into your life, and so don’t miss out on it. Mars will stay in your sign from late September to the middle of November, and this will be the period when you’ll have the greatest of opportunities, and will befocused, motivated and confident enough to take on a new project, journey or path. You’re aided by a solar eclipse occurring in your sign in September, and this is a favourable period for you to begin something fresh, and it’s likely to be something that will last for quite a while. You haven’t felt so good in a while, and you won’t come across an opportunity like this for a while. Those of you born between September 12th - 14th will beaffected the most by the solar eclipse, but every Virgo will have positive energy on their side.

For negatives, Neptune’s presence Pisces is a contrast to your sign, and those of you born August between 28th - September 2nd will experience it to the letter at some juncture in 2015. You have issuesfacing reality, often getting lost in daydreams and can witness other people try to take advantage of you. You can have an appearance on in front of people, and you don’t realize how bad they actually are for you. You need to be more idealistic with your beloved, but it’s difficult for you to face facts as they really are.

Mercury will appear to move in reverse in the middle of May to that of June in Gemini, which is at a difficult angle to your sign called a square. Those of you born between August 27th through September 6th will experience it to the letter at juncture point during the retrograde phase, and you have a difficult time having mental discipline and controlling your mind, are at conflict with yourself internally, and realize that you fail to trust your mind.

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