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St. Patrick's Day Anagram Puzzle Answers

Answer of St. Patrick's Day Anagram Puzzle

Add more spice to your St. Patrick's Day jubilations with this brilliant anagram puzzle based on the Irish holiday. Just take a printout of the puzzle template, follow the instructions provided and crack the puzzle. Enjoy working out our St. Patrick's Day Anagram!

SAFEST _____ FEAST______ - An exciting part of the St. Patrick's Day celebration.
EARTHY ______HEARTY_____ - Type of wishes you must convey to your dear ones during St. Patrick's Day.
THICKEN ______KITCHEN_____ - The place at your home where the most fun is on St. Patrick's Day.
SATIN ______SAINT_______ - The title Patrick has been honoured with.
TIDE ______DIET_______ - It is impossible to watch this during festive time.

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