Phool Dei
It is a lovely way to welcome the season of spring with sprinkling flowers and melodious musical tunes. The
soothing sound of the musical instruments fills the air all around the Kumaon hills as well. Animated young girls, who all are full of life, start their voyage towards the hills to pluck aromatic and beautiful blooming flowers. These cute adolescents visit the households and sprinkle these wild colorful flowers with love. They pray for prosperity and happiness for the households. In return they are blessed with money, sweets and food grains. It truly shows the warmth and bonding between the dwellers of the pebbly land. It is also believed that the scattered flowers at the doorsteps of the households bring good luck for everyone. Local drummers visit the courtyards of the dotted villages and everyone participates in the lively show. Local delicacies that have distinctive tastes satisfy the taste buds of the revelers. Even though the festival traditionally is celebrated only on the first day of Chaitra (according to the Hindu calendar year) but some celebrants of few places of Uttarakhand enjoy the fun filled atmosphere for an entire month.
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