Phool Dei Celebration

All young girls in the vicinity congregate and start their journey towards the forests to fetch wild flowers. Once they come back from the forests with the wild flowers they visit the households in the near proximity with the plate which is bedecked with rice, jiggery, coconut, green leaves, flowers and flower petals. It is the time when adolescent girls pray for happiness and prosperity of the households. Doorsteps look majestic and different when girls scatter the flowers and rice. Youthful girls sing the charming song at the time of sprinkling flowers at the doorsteps.

Phool dei, chhamma dei
Deni dwar, bhar bhakar
Yo deli sei namaskar
Phule dwar

Sei, the pudding, is made especially for this interesting and wonderful event. Rice flours are squeezed at first into dough with curd. Then ghee is used to fry it. It is fried for a considerable time. When the item is turned brown the sugar is added.

Young girls get the gifts as sweets, jiggery, money (conventionally the 20-paisa brass coin) and food grains in return. People bless them whole heartedly.

Phool dei is a festival that showcases the inner bonding between the communities who all are residing in the hills of Kumaon. During the festivity the young girls pluck the first flowers of the season. They not only scatter these flowers in front of their own doorsteps but also at the doorsteps of the other villagers. This is believed that these flowers are the indications of good luck. This is the best part of the festival.

Folk singers of the village welcome the astonishing spring with their musical tunes. The day of the festival falls on the first day of the month of chaitra (March). In some places of Uttarakhand it is celebrated throughout the month. The melodious sounds of Riturain, chaiti and other such songs are the special charms of the festival. The drummers, known as bajgi, auli and dholi visit different village courtyards and sing these mellow and soothing songs.

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