Quiz for Phool Dei

Truly speaking there’s not much to know about Phool Dei but plenty of things of the festival would encourage the spirited holiday makers to rush to the place of celebration. There are few questions which have been set for you all to answer on this quiz page. Just try them once and see how much you are aware of this fascinating festivity. A correct answer on the fist touch would give you one and it would be reflected on your score card too.
Phool Dei Quiz
correct on first try

Answer the questions below:

1. Phool dei is a festival of which Indian state?

2. Phool Dei is celebrated in which month?

3. Phool Dei welcomes which season?

4. The festival is celebrated by the group of –

5. What is the name of the special dish prepared during this occasion?

Your score is on the top right hand side of the page

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