Phulaich Festival


The festival of Himachal Pradesh, Phulaich, welcomes the season of monsoon, in the valley of gripping greeneries.
The enthusiastic crowds are involved in celebrating the fascinating fiesta of mesmerizing Himachal Pradesh which is surrounded by snow clad mountains and towering vegetations. Basically linked with the flower watching festival of Ukhyang in the Kinnaur Valley, Phulaich, is celebrated primarily to commemorate the deceased ancestors. They are offered wine, rice and foods. Later on, these are distributed among the poor. A number of tourists and revelers flock to the village in September to witness one of the lively and riveting festivities of Himachal Pradesh. Villagers mark their ways through the undulating hill to the hilltop to collect stunning ladra flowers. Celebrated with fun and fervor, the festive season, is an auspicious time when revelers greet the group that climbed up the hill to amass the hilly Ladra flowers by playing drums and blowing bungles. A true reflection of hilly cultures and mores can be seen on the colorful celebration process. This is a marvelous opportunity for you to know about the festival and its illustrated history. Test your own knowledge about the hilly carnival by answering the quiz questions.
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