Essence of Pori

The awe inspiring Lahaul valley is famous for its divine Trilokinath temple. The annual festival of Lahaul valley, Himachal Pradesh, is celebrated at Trilokinath temple in the month of July/August. Lord Trilokinath blesses all his followers on his holy premise. Sadhus (saints) from distant places congregate on the temple premise to honor the deity and receive his significant blessings.

Lord Trilokinath is another pious form of the deity, Shiva. The temple, about 4 km away from Udaipur, is situated on the prolonged and beautiful banks of Chenab River. The unique and singular temple entices devotees and tourists from far-off places. It’s a prime spot where the Shiva followers assemble and pay their respect to the Almighty.

The Shiva temple resembles the structure of the Buddhist shrine. Guru Padmasambhava, the founder of Tantric Buddhism, was behind the planning and structuring of the temple. An installed six armed image of Avalokiteshvara, a bodhisattva who exemplifies the compassion and kindness of all Buddhists, is the prime and integral part of the hallowed temple.

Even though the Buddhist touch is quite prominent on the temple but a number of Hindu pilgrims are also attracted towards the divine power of the temple.

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