Rituals of Pori

Lord Trilokinath’s statue is bathed with milk and yoghurt on the morning of Pori festival. Later on the devotees come out of their rooms to make a huge procession which circumambulate the temple riding on horses.

At the end of the procession, these horses are taken to the local emperor’s palace where the batch of horses is greeted with a warm welcome. A spectacular show is organized for that as well. Horses are offered good foods and are bathed with sweet water. Some people believe that the God himself rides on the horse and move around the territory and also shower his blessings on the valley and populace. This is the reason why the horses are covered in sweat by the end of the fascinating journey.

The local king visits the fairground riding on a horse at the end of all the ceremonies. Various shops are dotted around the enthralling and engrossing landscapes of Lahaul valley. According to the old tradition, a butter lamp is lighted which signifies the divine providence. The butter lamp keeps on burning throughout the Pori festival. Butter is added continuously by the devotees.

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