Qutub Festival


This year Qutub Festival is on 15th-18th November, 2021

Qutub Minar, probably the largest monument of the world, was founded by the Afghan invader, Qutub-ud-Din Aibak in 1199 AD.
It was a splendid way to commemorate the conquest of Northern India. History of this prime memorial dates back to the ancient centuries. So, it is obvious that innumerable known facts and unknown stories are associated with it. The 3 days long Qutub Festival has proved to be really influential in recalling the old glory story of yester years and in promoting the memorial nationally and internationally. The festival had started as a part of a resurrection process of this exquisite commemorative. It’s a festive time in Delhi. Cultural and traditional celebrations continue in the courtyard with performances by renowned celebrities every year. Talented and dexterous artists throng to the premise to showcase their talents in various traditional and classical dance forms, such as, Kuchipudi, Odissi and Manipuri. Melodious tunes of the music fill the air around. Tourists who love to listen to the recitals of Sarangi and Sitar would have a lovely time. Audiences would get an opportunity to listen to the various forms of music, such as, Ghazals and qawwalis. Be there in the extravaganza to witness the rich Indian customs and mores.
History of Qutub Festival
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Celebration of Qutub Festival
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