Make Colorful, Decorative RAKHI This Year

On Rakshabandhan day, sisters tie a string on their brother's hand. What can be better if you can make that sacred string, the Rakhi, yourself? Yes, and we have given all the instructions exactly to help you out achieve that. Just follow the directions given below, and in no time you will be making colorful Rakhis yourself! Click here to refer this page to your friends.

Raksha Bandhan - the Indian festival of tying the knot of amity, brotherhood and long life, is a symbol of seeking divine bliss. Not for the 'self'. But for man on whose wrist the thread is tied. 'Raksha' is the word for protection. 'Bandhan' is the bond. So it signifies the bond of protection. The protection is from the dark hands of the evils and against all perils. The protection that connotates - not just physical, but the spiritual one as well.

Materials needed:
* Strands of silk threads-2/3
* A pair of scissors
* Cotton thread to tie knots
* Beads, sitaras, golden threads and sponge to decorate
* Glue
* A toothbrush with hard bristles.


Take 20-24 inches long silk thread strands in a bunch. If you want to make multi coloured rakhis take silk threads of different colours.


Tie a tight knot with a cotton thread on the one-fourth part of the silken thread bunch. The one-fourth part will be made into a rakhi while the three-fourth will be the string to tie around the wrist.


Now make sure the heads of the silk threads of the one-fourth part of the bunch do not remain in loops, in case they are, cut them with a pair of scissors.


Once they are independent of loops, with a toothbrush rub hard on these threads and brush them with strong strokes by holding tight on the knot. With repeated strokes the silk threads turns fluffy and soft.

To make the string, divide the three-fourth part of the silk thread in two equal parts and plait them separately. At the end tie a knot and brush the end again.

make rakhiOnce this is done decorate it with beads or sitaras. Stick them with glue. You can purchase sponge of a suitable colour, cut it into a star shape, decorate it with beads or sitaras. Golden threads can be entwined used for decoration. And then stick it with glue.

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