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Ramadan Matching Game Puzzle Solution

Solved Ramadan Matching Game Puzzle

Here is the solved Ramadan Matching Game puzzle. Hope you have managed to solve it already? If not, check out where you have gone wrong and be better informed.

1) The ninth month of the Muslim calendar F. Ramadan
2) Ritual of complete fasting during the Holy month of Ramadan D. Sawm
3) The Muslim calendar is a ____ calendar H. Lunar
4) The pre-dawn meal eaten during Ramadan B. Sahur
5) Building in Mecca which houses the "Black Stone" J. Kaaba
6) The meal to break the day-long fast A. Iftar
7) The founder of Islam I. Muhammad
8) Special prayers held in mosques during Ramadan C. Tarawih
9) The prayer house of Muslims G. Mosque
10) The holiest night of the year for Muslims E. Laylat al-Qadr
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