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Say Thank You to a Soldier’s Mother

We intend this page for anyone to post a message who supports peace, and who wants to thank the mother of a soldier for the extreme sacrifices she makes.

A soldier performs the prime duty of protecting their motherland, if required, with their life. They accepts all hardships, long period of separation with their family, their homeland and otherwise comfortable life, with a smile of honour.

But, the mother’s heart also go through incredible pain and anxiety, fearing the death of her own kids, yet, puts up a brave face and accepts everything for the sake of nation. She never forgets to encourage her kids, and urges them to go ahead, and make their country proud, to make both her mother, and her motherland proud.

TheHolidaySpot salutes all such mothers and urges you to post at least 1 message in honour and support of these mothers. It doesn’t matter from which country ot which ethnicity you are from, for mothers of all soldiers go through the same ordeal.

We thank you in anticipation for sharing your thoughts, for supporting peace over war, and for honouring the mother of soldiers.

A soldier with his mother

Beautiful collage of mothers and soldiers

Post Your Message

Post your message, as your solidarity with mothers of soldiers.

It also expresses your support of Peace over War.

Dear Mother,

I wish to tell you that your effort and sacrifice is deeply appreciated.

It is because of your sacrifice, that your blood is fighting for their motherland, keeping it safe, so that the others can stay safe.

Salute to you!!

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