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A collection of Stories and Tales of Shiva or Mahadeva

Welcome to the Shiva stories page at TheHolidaySpot. Below you will find selected tales from Hindu mythology, whose origin goes back to ancient Hindu scriptures. You will find tales on Ganga, Sati, Parvati, Brahma, Vishnu and more. Just scroll down, and be fascinated. Definately share with your friends and your kids.

Lord Shiva is known to have an extra eye, on his forehead. But he didn’t always have the third eye, it was created. One day, while Lord Shiva was lost in deep meditation, Goddess Parvati decided to play a little game with him. She sneaked up behind him and quickly covered his eyes with her hands. As Lord Shiva could not see anything, the Universe was plunged into complete darkness.

The darkness affected the whole world and it began to crumble and disintegrate. There was great panic all around as no one could do anything to restore the light.

Sensing the chaos in the Universe a third eye suddenly appeared on Lord Shiva’s forehead. As he opened it, there was light in the world once again and it was saved from being destroyed.

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