Taj Mahotsav
Many of us want to witness the true Indian cultures and traditions which are widespread all over the
country. It is a huge opportunity for all the cultural people to throng to Shipgram, which rejuvenates the spirit of the adroit artisans. Handicrafts with various shapes are seen in countless numbers on the Taj Mahotsav premise, about 500-600 meters away from the eastern gateway of the mesmerizing Taj Mahal. Special customary touches of regions and states are prominently visible on the significant handicrafts which are on display. Interested tourists who are really willing to purchase handicrafts from the festival, have to stroll around the festival once before buying anything as to get the best price of something. Savor the taste of the local delicacies, such as, Lucknavi Kabab, Chhole Bhature and Indian Samosa here. Musical concerts and melodious singing performances are held on the premise. Various dance performances also take place for the entertainment of the swarms of holiday makers. Classical and semi classical dancers are present as well for showcasing their talents in front of the dance lovers.
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