Best Thanksgiving Poems to Online Read

Best Thanksgiving Poems for Online

A collection of best Thanksgiving poems and poetry for giving thanks on that day. Include them in your greetings, or just print and hang them. You can share these poems in whatsapp, Facebook or any other social sites. Have a great season!

Famous Thanksgiving Poetry

Modern High School, Kolkata

It was on this day,
That Joey wore Phoebe's maternity pants;
On the new porcelain lay,
Monica's delicious turkey, listening to the six rant.

The Macy's Parade in New York,
Comes to life today;
Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat join hands,
All happy and gay.

Flights back home,
Or friends who turned into family;
Round table conversations in a dorm room,
Or snug on the couch in your dog's company;

Thanksgiving has always been the day we wait for.
Be it to stash away an extra holiday,
Or to rejoice with your loved ones again.
Thanksgiving has never been only about thankfulness,
it's always been about a heart full of gains.


When Halloween is gone
And the air turns cold
We’ll know Thanksgiving is on
Cheers spread as thank yous are told.

The dining rooms look so fine
And then the turkeys appear.
We are ready to dine
Thanksgiving is here !

But , I wonder , we have
So much more
With our friends and family
Whom we adore.

So let this joy stay
And let the positivity remain
Let’s make Thanksgiving last
For more than a day!


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