urs of nizamuddin aulia
The well known Muslim Sufi saint, Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia, was the divine lover of God. It was believed
that the holy Sufi got married with the Almighty. He was always in love with the God. The death of the great saint was known as Urs which was derived actually from Arabian language and its meaning is wedding. His death anniversary is celebrated as the “Urs of Nizamuddin Aulia”. The premise of the shrine of the saint entices huge number of pilgrims. The shrine looks pretty as it is wrapped in green cloth or Chaddar completely. Devotees offer honor to the divine saint by dedicating a silk Chaddar as well. The occasion, however, is not restricted to the Muslim pilgrims. It definitely crosses the religious barriers. Devotees across the all religions and creeds assemble on the premise to pay tribute to the holy Muslim saint and to tie a piece of string to the lattice of the walls. It is believed that the Almighty remembers a pilgrim and his/her prayer due to the presence of the string that is tied. Pilgrims are treated with various kinds of Kebabs and sweetmeats. Qawwali performers entertain tourists and pilgrims with their melodious musical tunes. The excited devotees celebrate the festive time with gaiety and joviality.
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