This is a mind blowing and awe inspiring celebration which crosses the religious barriers. Even thought the festival is primarily for the Muslims but Hindus and Sikhs also partake in the auspicious festival. The devotional occasion continues with enthusiasm and zeal.

The festival is dedicated to Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia who was the Sufi saint of Chishti order in South Asia. He believed in drawing devotees close to the Almighty through devotion and service to humankind.

The smell of the flowers which decorate the shrine during the festival fills the air in the hinterland. Innumerable kebabs and special kind of sweetmeats are distributed. Qawwali performers sing and devotees join them. This is the charm of the festival.

All the devotees who visit the place have to cover their heads with a cloth to show respect and pay tribute to the seer. The pious followers who congregate on the premise come from different parts of the world to tie a piece of string to the lattice of the walls. According to the belief, the Almighty can remember the prayer for the piece of string which is tied. The shrine looks amazing as it is fully covered with a green cloth or chaddar during the Urs. Pilgrims offer silk chaddars as well.

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