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7th General Love Letter

General Love Letter - 7

Loveliest one,

Few activities gives me as great a pleasure as the ones involving you. Writing to you seems to be one of them, even though I am not very good with words.

So what do I write to you love? Somehow I never seem to get the appropriate words to express my innermost feelings for you. I find myself drawing a blank whenever it comes to you. You always have this mesmerizing effect on me.

I feel blessed to have you as my lover. I really do, though I wonder at times whether I behave romantically enough for you. I do not say 'I love you' at every opportunity. I do not buy you beautiful gifts for every occasion. I think it is your love that makes me so sure that you already know what I feel, and words are pretty unnecessary.

I would fail miserably if you judge my affection on outward terms. But as you have already honored me with your love, I guess you have already seen through my heart to know who it is beating for. You must be knowing the intensity of my love for you.

As vast as the blue sky, as deep as the ocean, as eternal as nature, as soft as the morning breeze, as solid as the mountains and as infinite as space. Yes! That is what my love is for you. In my heart there is room for none but you. And thus it is going to be for the rest of my life, a life that I have relinquished willingly in your hands.

I hope you will excuse my inability with words. I wish you will overlook my inadequacies as a lover and see the romantic I truly am at heart.

I want you to know that my heart cherishes your love and companionship, that I am incomplete without you, that I always love you and care for you. I want you to remember that my soul craves your companionship. I want you not to forget that I will be waiting to hear your sweet voice and see your lovely smile on Valentine's Day.

I may be lacking in verbal expression. But I will not let it stop me from telling you the three golden words I have been dying to utter:

I Love You!

Forever yours ...

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