Answers to Christmas Crossword

Crossword Answers


1. Christmas hymn - Carol
3. The original Santa Claus - Nicholas
4. A bird traditionally eaten on Christmas dinner - Turkey
6. A crystal of snow - Snowflake
7. Father of Jesus - Joseph
10. An evergreen plant producing white berries - Mistletoe
13. A traditional Christmas drink - Eggnog
14. Vehicle used by Santa Claus - Sledge
16. Santa enters the house through this - Chimney
18. Circular Christmas decoration for the front door - Wreath
19. Another name for Christmastime - Yuletide


1. A hard candy in the shape of a rod - Candycane
2. December 25 is his birthday - Jesus
5. The birthplace of Jesus - Bethlehem
8. A sock filled with goodies on Christmas day - Stocking
9. The sound bells make - Jingle
11. A human figure made from packed snow - Snowman
12. The four weeks leading up to Christmas - Advent
15. A mischievous fairy - Elf
17. The three wise men belonged to this tribe - Magi

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