Hajj is from 19th-24th, 2018

Hajj, the journey to the divinity, is a significant and holiest ritual which is performed only once in a lifetime. This finicky Muslim religious ritual is not only performed with sincerity but also with harmony and purity. The desire of the sanctified soul to come close to Allah is the prime intention of performing Hajj. However, the pilgrim should be self dependent both physically and financially. The pilgrim’s mind should be fresh and free from all the worldly concerns. Acquaint yourself about the fascinating history of the Muslim pilgrimage. Participate in the quiz. Watch colorful Hajj wallpapers. Get to know the importance of the pious Kaabah, intentions behind the journey, preparations to be taken, 50 things to do, mistakes you should avoid, preconditions for performing Hajj. Just click and effortlessly send Hajj greeting cards to your near and dear ones. And if you like this section then please feel free to refer it to your friends.
Hajj the sacred pilgrimage

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what is kaaba
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Hajj Intentions
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Hajj Preparation
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