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Holidays are all about fun, frolic and enjoyment, right? And with free gifts and goodies it is all the merrier. We, your friends at TheHolidaySpot, know your mind and hence, have brought for you a collection of goodies that you can download for free. There is the TheHolidaySpot toolbar - the customized toolbar for our website that, when downloaded, provides you with free access to all the information regarding every holiday that is available here. In addition to this, we also have some wonderful festival wallpapers and awesome screensavers to let your desktop have that amazing look. If that is not enough, you can also try out our cool calendar wallpapers for your desktop, pictures to color, flash calendars, planners to help you enjoy everyday as it comes and more. So scroll down, take your pick, and enjoy. Trust us, this is where you should be!!! If you want to refer our free goodies to any of your friends, just click here to do so. Step-up your holiday celebrations with the free holiday downloads from TheHolidaySpot.

Monthwise Calendar wallpapers
Monthwise calendar wallpapersNow have the seasons right at your desktop, and change it every month. Have a piece of spring, summer or winter at your desktop, and the calendar of the month you choose omnipresent at the top right. Keeps you feeling fresh!

click here for monthwise calendar wallpapers

PlannersMonth wise planners for you to download and print. Use the 12 month planner to note down your important functions, so that you forget none, and can plan out everything in advance!

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Pictures to color
Pictures to ColorA great hits with kids, choose the theme of pictures you want, and print out the images that you want to color. The images are printer friendly, and cartridge friendly too. Themes are organized according to holidays and festivals.

click here for Pictures to color

Wallpapers by Festivals
Holiday WallpapersUncover the massive array of wallpapers arranged according to the holidays and festivals. Get some of the most popular wallpapers of the net right at your desktop, and announce the festival of your choice to everyone.

click here for Holiday Wallpapers

Free ScreensaversIn association with, we offer one of the best collection of free screensavers in the net. Choose your theme, and download as many as you want.

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Free RecipesAre you looking for that special recipe, that will pleasantly surprise everyone, and be with the theme of the party. Click to our holiday recipe page, and you will be spoilt for choice.

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Laughing BabyExplore the lighter side of life with these clean, fun and hilarious jokes. Don't forget to check out the love jokes of Valentine's Day section.

click here for free jokes

Font IconWe offer you a wide range of fonts to pick and choose from. Each font takes a few seconds to download. So , get going.

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