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A kiss can be divine, and can be the best to expresses emotions without words. However, one might be confused as to when and where a kiss should be planted to express your feelings best, and to have the maximum desired results. We, @TheHolidaySpot, provide with a unique kissing guide. Just go through it and sharpen your kissing skills. Feel free to share the page with your friends. Have a great start, all over again!

Right places to kiss your love

When it comes to physical intimacy and kissing, it's important to prioritize open communication, consent, and respecting personal boundaries with your partner. Each individual has their own preferences and comfort zones. While there are no strict "ergonomic zones" for kissing, I can provide you with some common areas that many people enjoy:

Lips: The most obvious and common place to kiss is on the lips. Soft, gentle kisses, or passionate, deep kisses can be exchanged to express affection and desire.

Cheeks: A gentle peck or a sweet kiss on the cheek can be a tender way to show love and affection. It's often seen as a friendly gesture or a gesture of endearment.

Forehead: Kissing your partner on the forehead can be a tender and comforting gesture, expressing care, protection, and deep affection.

Neck: The neck is a sensitive and erogenous zone for many individuals. Soft, gentle kisses or light nibbles on the neck can be highly pleasurable and intimate.

Ears: Whispering sweet words or gently kissing and nibbling on the earlobes can be incredibly sensual and arousing for some people.

Shoulders and Collarbone: Kissing or gently nibbling along the shoulders and collarbone area can be both intimate and arousing, as it's a sensitive area for many individuals.

Remember, these suggestions are not exhaustive, and it's crucial to communicate and explore with your partner to understand their preferences and boundaries. Building trust and consent are key in any physical interaction. It's essential to always seek and respect your partner's comfort level and boundaries to ensure a mutually enjoyable and consensual experience.

A kiss planted at the appropriate moment and at the right place can lead to an amazing passion between two individuals. Selecting the proper place and the right moment can intensify your romance by a million and draw your sweetheart nearer to you than just kissing behind closed doors. So lean in and find out some of the most romantic places to kiss that special someone.

  • In the shower.

  • Late at night on the beach with no one around and right beside the ocean.

    Couple on a sandy beach
  • Under the stars.

  • In the bed when the light is very dim and nothing is around to interrupt you.

  • Making out in the car when we're parked.

  • On the bonnet of a car, in the rain.

  • At sunset, on the beach, with a gentle breeze with the water tickling your feet.

  • The best place to kiss is when you're walking hand in hand, on the beach, down the street at nighttime, anywhere under the stars. A kiss is best when it's unexpected.

  • In a public place that you might get caught for PDA.

  • Standing at the lagoon at EPCOT watching Illuminations.

  • In the mountains with lots of snow.

  • Cuddling on a blanket on the roof on a warm night with the stars shining bright and the moon glowing.

  • Kissing unexpectedly, for example, when your loved one is doing the dishes.

  • In the kitchen, it might proceed to all kinds of other things.

  • In a warm cozy room in front of the fireplace.

  • At an amusement park.

  • Both sitting on the motorbike watching the sunset together.

  • Another perfect moment is when you are cuddling with your significant other.

  • The best place to kiss is at a picnic that your mate has set up for you.

  • At a baseball game.

  • At lake in his boat, that is so romantic.

  • On a swing on a porch with a picturesque view, while it's pouring.

  • Out in the country somewhere, sitting under the stars.

  • While dancing. It's in the moment and it's pretty sweet.

  • Inside a tree house with candles burning.

  • Outside lying in the grass at night.

  • The location and setting of your first date.

    Kiss on road
  • In the doorway as your lover comes home.

  • In a house with a candle lit dinner.

  • In the woods.

  • In the jungle.

  • At a bar before sex.

  • On a boat at night with just the moonlight shining on you.

  • In a basement.

  • Under a waterfall during a beautiful tropical sunset.

  • As you are walking along in the park, holding hands and letting the mood take you.

  • In a crowd of people at night during a celebration commemorated by fireworks.

  • In the bathtub while being naked and you have bubbles covering your body all over, in warm water.

  • Under a willow tree, accompanied by a cool breeze, along with a little misty rain falling with the sky a periwinkle color.

  • At the office during working time.

  • At night in Times Square, New York City. There is hardly anything more exciting than being engaged in a passionate kiss with your loved one, while the NYC lights glisten all around you in the city that never sleeps. For that moment, time itself is at a standstill.

  • Definitely in the ocean accompanied by the waves.

  • At an airport as if you are leaving on a very long trip.

  • During a walk in Central Park while it’s snowing.

  • Another great place to kiss would be on a mountaintop at a lookout late at night where you can see the city lights.

  • In the middle of the sea while on a boat for two.

  • Leaning over the table at a restaurant to grab a peck.

  • Naked in the swimming pool or spa.

  • While taking a walk, when you are on vacation in some exotic locale, probably in some picturesque tropical park. It really makes you feel like you are having fun together so far away from home

  • On a secluded beach - The world is all yours. The waves gushing through your feet along with the sunset in the distance. Just think about that.

  • When it’s raining - Whilst everyone is running for shelter, you can grab your loved one closely and lock your lips like you have kissed never before. The water falling on your faces and wetting your lips makes it all the more enjoyable. You could try it tonight itself in the shower if you cannot wait.

  • Sitting in your balcony or on a cliff during a full moon - If a romance novelist glimpses a sight of you kissing under the moonlight, you both have strong chances to become the next Romeo & Juliet.

  • In a closed elevator while climbing a tall building - The idea of going for something kinky is exciting. Whisk yourself up to the highest floor and then zoom down to the ground again. Why don’t you allow your thoughts wander for a moment?

  • During a boat ride - A boat that takes just the two of you, along with the boatman of course. The sheer silence where you can only hear the soft ripples of water around you as the boatman rows the boat. And you seal the soft lips of your love with yours.

  • Next to a Fountain - Smooch beside a fountain as the water pours on you. Halt and stare into your loved one’s eyes. Smooch again. Then get yourself a cozy room.

  • Besides a waterfall - You can just hear the loud noise of the water rushing down with so much force in the background and the mist spreads over your faces as you kiss.

    Romantic Kiss
  • When it is snowing or raining outside - It is cold outside, but when it comes to the inside, you have dim lights and the wood burning in the fireplace. You sit down on the lounge or the floor or on a lazy couch holding your partner. Pause and think about what it might to lead to.

  • By a Bonfire - Your bodies heat up and the scene doesn’t get hotter than this. Try to remember the warmth you underwent next to a bonfire last time and think about being there with your loved one.

  • In a cafe by the lake or river - The café is full of people, yet you are so lost by the amazing company of your lover and kiss as if nobody exists around you. Try that sometime, and don’t get conscious while doing it.

  • In a glass elevator - The backdrop of a beautiful city with the sun shining or the evening lights makes you feel like you are flying high into the clouds. Can you visualize that?

  • In the backseat of a car - This can sure lead to a lot more than just kissing passionately. It depends on how imaginative you can get. If you get an opportunity next time, be careful, and let loose your fantasies.

  • On a Ferris wheel or a roller coaster ride - The speed, the height, the curves, going in circles, holding onto each other, the weightless feeling, and a kiss to just say “I love you!”

  • On the porch underneath a starry sky - Cuddle up in a nice rocking chair beneath a blanket and make out. Don’t you really love this? I am pretty certain you are going to pounce on your loved one after reading this.

  • Cuddling up on an outdoor daybed or in a hammock - The little space to fit yourselves intensifies your senses beyond kissing as the sun sets behind you. What do you reckon you are going to do next?

  • At a bar playing jazz music - Find yourself a romantic corner. Allow the drinks, the music and your naughty thoughts to take the better of you. The night is then going to be a good night.

  • At a secluded area of a park - Find yourself a bench or maybe just the shade of a tall tree. Let the romantic moment take over you as you kiss and smile and smile and kiss.

  • In the middle of a busy nightlife street - Kiss in the midst of all the action going on around you. Kiss for a long time. Behave and kiss as if you have little care what the world is up to around you and what other people are thinking.

However, there cannot simply be that any one place is the best place to kiss. When you are going to kiss the person you love, no matter where it is, not a thing in the world comes remotely close to that special moment. Every kiss is special and amazing when you are in love with that person.

By Kinjal Sen

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