Puja zones, destinations, major pandals and route guide for Durga Puja Kolkata (Calcutta)

The festival of Durga puja renders Kolkata a glamorous look. Almost every nooks and corners of deck herself with puja pandals and various themed lights. In fact many puja associations of different localities arrange for grand decorations which without fails attracts tourist from worldwide. And if you are planning for a pandal hopping this time, be sure to go through this concise guide that will surely guide you through the lanes and help you reach the most famous pandals. So what are you waiting for Kolkatans? Get handy of some bandages (for they’ll be highly required for the famous shoe bites) and get started with the tour. And do not forget to carry this guide along with you. You may also refer this guide to your near and dear ones by clicking here so that they as well visit the best pandals but at ease. Happy pandal hopping!

While there are hundreds of pujas organized in Kolkata, most of the major ones can be clustered in a group. This planning can be majorly beneficial for you, saving you time, money and energy, coupled with the best experience. These charting of Durga Puja routes will help you, whether you are on foot or on wheels.

The best time to visit the pandals is very early in the morning, before dawn. If you can get ready and hit the streets within 3.30 am to 4am, you will have the best possible ambiance, weather, photography opportunities, and minimum crowd, for pandal hopping. Moreover, the parking restrictions, walking restrictions, long queues and the crowd are not there. Couple it with the cool weather and you will love the experience.

So if you can beat the laziness of waking up early and beat the tiredness of last evening's activity, do make it in the dawn for once at least.

Also, Bikes are the best vehicle to suit pandal hopping, as in the dawn, you can reach the pandal gates of most pujas if you are on a bike. There is also no parking problem, and less of walking, if you are on a bike.
Now, about the zones:

South Kolkata

Mudiali, Shiv Mandir, Young stars: Park at the menoka cinema road beside lake, near the shiv mandir gate. Then walk in and cover all three pandals. All three are terrific.

Durga Puja Pandal at South KolkataGo back to your veheicle,and you can cover Suruchi or Haridevpur from here too. Come back to same point after visiting the any of the two mentioned. And then proceed to Pratapditya Road. You can proceed directly to Pratapaditya road also.

Pratapaditya road, Badamtal Ashar Sangha, 22 Pally:

They fall in the same straight road, and are side by side. After visiting them proceed to

Tridhara, Ballygunge Cultural and Samaj Sebi.

Henceforth, you can visit Babubagan, Selimpur and Jodhpur Park (3 pujas here) , which will fall one after another.

Remember, visiting Suruchi Sangha at New Alipore is a must, for year after year, its presentation has been unique, and truly it is the best by miles from other pujas. It had done Himachal before, and this year, it has recreated Kashmir.

Plan Behala seperately.

East Kolkata:

Start from Sribhumi, then hop to Lake town Adhivasi Brinda, then to Netaji Sangha and then to Dum Dum park Bharat Sangha. You can choose to some back via kestopur or take the same route back. Henceforth, you can choose to go to Salt Lake, or enter North Kolkata.

North Kolkata:

Telenga Bagan, Kar Bagan, Lohapatty, Ahiritola, Bagbazar Sarbojanin, Kumortuli sarbojanin. Proceed to Central Kolkata:

Central Kolkata:

Durga Puja Pandal at Central KolkataMd. Ali Park, College square, Santosh Mitra Square.

You have covered most of the better known pandals. You can do it starting in One Dawn, but better to divide it into two very early morning hopings.

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Have a very Happy Puja!

Durga Puja Road Map of Kolkata
Pedestrian Circulation Plan
Pedestrian Circulation Plan

(Santosh Mitra Square, Mohammad Ali Park, College Square and Sealdah Athletic Club, Subodh Mullick Square etc.)
North and Central Kolkata
North & Central Kolkata

(Bagbazar, Kumartuli Park, Telenga Bagan, Simla Bayam Samiti, Md Ali Park, College Square and Sealdah Athletic Club, Taltala etc.)
South Kolkata
South Kolkata

(Maddox Square, Singhi Park, Ekdalia Evergreen, Suruchi Sangha; Park Circus, Tridhara Sammilani Chetla Agrani etc.)
South Suburban and South West
South Suburban & South West

(Jadavpur Division and Behala Devision)

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