Friendship Vs Rest

Friendship is truly a fragile thing; it breaks if it’s not nourished properly. So, it’s mandatory to comprehend its essence. Other relationships also add value to our lives. You are about to take a look at how the significance of friendship differ with that of the meanings of other relationships.
The one who hates to trust - WIFE
The one who loves to doubt - HUSBAND
The one who seldom understands - GIRLFRIEND
The one who is always jealous - BOYFRIEND
The one who loves to quarrel - SISTER
The one who quarrels less and punches more - BROTHER
The one who always scolds - TEACHER
The one who never appreciates - PRINCIPAL
The one who is forever thankless - BOSS
The one who loves to bitch - COLLEAGUE
The one who always criticizes - COUSIN
The one who forever complains - AUNT
The one who bores to death - UNCLE
The one who loves to fight - NEIGHBOUR
The one who always threatens - SERVANT
One who saves you from the hell of all of the above

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