Fun Cheating Story of a Husband with his maid, and getting caught by his wife

Episode 1: My bathtub usage

My bathtub usage

Well, all the while I keep hearing on the importance of saving nature, to live an eco friendly life, and to save mother earth. Water conservation is one of the most important factors for saving the environment. And one day, I did get an opportunity to save some water, which I did. But I donno why, she got mad at me when she saw my effort, instead of encouraging me. Guess she is not interested in much conservation really.😒

Buthtub with water

Well, I was preparing to take a hot water bath, and had filled up my bathtub with warm water. While I was in my towels, and was preparing for the last few rites (like getting the soap within reach), I saw my maid going somewhere. When I asked her on her whereabouts, she said that she is going for her bath too. It suddenly dawned on me that I can save some valuable water, on top of it, energy rich warm water, if we can have the bath together. I proposed the same to her, and she being a responsible and intelligent individual, agreed (she had a strange smile on her though, which I failed to understand. Probably, she liked the bathtub). So off we went, as the day we were born, into the water, for a great bath. We also offered to soap and scrub each other, just for the sake of convenience, as it was a bit cramped in the bathtub. And suddenly, she entered the bathroom, and remained spellbound for a moment. But alas! Only for a moment.

I was expecting her praises for my such intelligent way of saving water, but she burst into a tirade! Guess she was too possessive on the bathtub usage, and wanted only me to use it. Stupid girl!

What do you think?

My bathtub usage

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