Funny Misadventures of a Perpetual Prankster Husband, Who Gets Caught Everytime!

I don’t know why she gets mad at me!! Innocent Husband Stories ..

Forget whoopie cushions and rubber noses - this husband takes pranking to a whole new level! From epic April Fools' jokes to hilariously botched attempts at helpfulness, his innocent-yet-mischievous capers will have you rolling on the floor. Discover his most outrageous escapades, his near-misses, and sometimes striking, with disaster, and the ingenious ways he escapes consequences (most of the time!). So, buckle up and prepare for a laugh-a-minute ride through the world of this one-of-a-kind prankster! All are 2 minutes read stories. Remember to share with your friends.

This is a series on my innocence and some of my experiences, which enraged my wife, and I donot exactly know why! I can guess though, and I have mentioned my guesses at the end of each of my experiences.

Please comment at the end of each of the pages on what you feel could be the reason, and how could I do better, so that I do not enrage her every time. And I am sure you will like to share them as well.

Innocent Husband Sotries

Innocent Husband Sotries

Please note that these are shorts on jokes on husbands and wives, relationships, girlfriends, boyfriends etc, as told by our innocent hero, who is misunderstood by his partner. Hence, he is always confused on why his partner is always mad at him, he truly doesn’t know why. The section is to bring in humor and incite laughter in our stressful life, with no offence meant to anyone. The pictures are for getting a better picture of the events only, and have no reference to reality. We hope that you will like these shorts on jokes and humor. Do leave a comment at the end of the humor short pages, and please share the jokes with your friends.