Story of a caring man who wanted to save his ice cream from someone's cleavage

Episode 3: My honest effort at saving my ice cream on the beach

My honest effort at saving my ice cream on the beach

Well it was lovely summer and she and I went to Miami beach on warm Saturday noon, to get some serious outdoor time, coupled with sun bath and sea bath combined. Indulged in some fresh coconut juices, wave surfing, and running on the beach, before we thought to retire to the towels on the sand. But before it, we thought of getting some ice cream cones. I got two full scoopes on my cone, while she got one. The ice creams were a tad bit expensive, but hey! Its Miami! we don’t go to beaches everyday. Having fun, joking and licking our ice creams, we headed for our spot. But as luck would have it, I tripped, and the cone landed on the breasts of a Good Samaritan lady, who was sun bathing on her bikinis. As you already know probably, I hate wastage, that’s too fresh ice cream. So to save the ice cream from getting wasted, I quickly jumped on to the lady and picked up my cone, which had landed top down on her body, err, the curves of her body. But, the ice cream was sticky I guess, and a good part of it stayed on the undulation of her body. I had no way left; I had to save the ice cream from getting wasted. So I did the most logical thing, which would be done by any logical individual: I put my face in, and started licking up the ice cream from her. And I think she also shared my feeling, for she said something like ‘yeh, lick it up baby!’. But my partner had other plans, I suddenly felt my hairs being pulled by her, and I was soon standing on my feet, with ice cream all over my face.

Disgusting! She said, and I also had a black eye for a few days, for reasons you probably know. I donnot why she was so mad at me, or why she got so violent. I was just trying to save my ice cream! Guess she didn’t want me look shabby in the open beach. What do you think?

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