An Exibitionist husband daring to strip to his briefs right in front of his wife's friends

Episode 2: My innocent desire to belong by participating in a fashion talk

My innocent desire to belong by participating in a fashion talk

Well, one day, she was home with some of her friends, after heavy shopping, taking advantage of a fashion sale. All the ladies were talking about the different dresses they had bought, and some of them were also trying the new dresses, on top of whatever they were wearing. I was feeling left out in the discussion, as I had nothing to share on the latest fashion, nor I had something to try. But thank to my extreme sharpness, it suddenly dawned on me that I did buy something last evening on sale, and I still have them untried at my wardrobe. I can very well try them out now, and feel at home! (Well, I was at home already, just that wasn't really feeling that. You get it, don't you?)

So, off I marched to my bedroom wardrobe, wore the most fashionable and colourful one of the lot I had bought, and marched back to the living room, to show my exclusive sense of couture and fashion, after which accolades should follow.

But the crowd seemed to be devoid of any sense of fashion! Instead of accolades, there was pin drop silence. Only for some moments though, for right after, as you guessed it, She was MAD at me.

Guess she didn't want others to copy the style and design of the briefs I was wearing. So protective for me! Isn't she!

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