How an innocent husband tries to massage a lady's breasts to relieve her of her heartburn, but is mis-understood by his wife

Episode 5: My wife's friend with a headache

My wife's friend with a headache

After a hard day's work at office, I returned home, and saw my wife with her friend, chatting on the sofa. Debbie, her friend, is generally a very lively and animate person, with supreme enthusiasm for most things that we call social. She is the most trusted party companion, guaranteed to stay till the end of the party, and is always ready for overnight, sleepover parties as well. But very mysteriously, I have always been kept out of these parties by my wife. Guess she cares too much for my health, and doesn't want me to stay awake too late.

Anyway, today though, Debbie looked a bit devoid of her signature energy, and when probed, she said that she is having a headache and shoulder stiffness as well, probably due to indigestion. My wife wanted to treat her with a strong coffee, and went to the kitchen to prepare the same. I, being a Good Samaritan, as always, offered her a scalp massage and a shoulder rub. She laid her head back in the sofa rest in anticipation of my wonder massage. I started massaging her scalp, which she greatly liked, and then slowly shifted to the shoulders. It was difficult to massage her shoulders with her clothing on, and so I did the perfectly normal thing of massaging her shoulders inside her t shirt top. This she seemed to like even more.

After sometime, she said that she is having heartburn probably due to indigestion, and whether I could go a little more down. Now friends, where is the heart? At the front left, right? So I went ahead to massage her heart and give her some much needed relief. Simple logic. But this simple logic was not understood by my wife, who had just returned with the warm coffee. She shrieked! She forgot her manners and threw her friend out of our apartment! And the coffee, well, it spoilt my shirt, and I had to shampoo in the late hour 

I still do not understand why she was so mad at me. Guess she is too possessive about my healing touches. Or maybe, she thought that her friend will avoid seeing a medical practitioner if she is healed by me. She really thinks ahead! What do you think?

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