Buddha Purnima Quiz

Buddha Purnima commemorates the birth, enlightenment and demise of Lord Buddha. With the occasion coming up again, it is time for you to find out for yourself how much you know about Lord Buddha, one of the greatest souls ever to have arrived in this world. Attempt this Buddha Purnima Quiz and test your knowledge about Lord Buddha. If you like our Buddha Purnima Quiz and want to refer it to your friends, just click here and send this page to their e-mail id. Wish you all a Happy Buddha Purnima!

Quiz for Buddha Purnima

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Try out this interesting quiz on Lord Buddha and find out for yourself how much you know about this great soul.

  1. Lord Buddha was born in

  2. As an infant, Lord Buddha was named as

  3. Lord Buddha was married to princess Yasodhara at the age of

  4. Lord Buddha left all royal comforts and turned an ascetic when he was only aged

  5. The Pipal tree beneath which Lord Buddha meditated and recieved his enlightenment is located in

  6. The two sects of Buddhism are known as

  7. The "Triple Gem" of Buddhism consists of these three things

  8. The word "Buddha" actually means

  9. Lord Buddha is believed to have delivered his first sermon near

  10. Lord Buddha left his mortal coils at the age of

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