Craft Ideas for Flag Day

Flag Day Crafts

Patriotic Collage

All you need:
red, white, and blue construction papers;
Star stickers
Paints: red, blue and white
brush: 1 medium and 1 fine

Collect images of Statue of Liberty, the Capitol, the side faces of the heroes of the Revolution.
Let imaginations have free reign! Create a banner based on a stars and stripes theme. into an original patriotic wall hanging.
You can either cut out the shapes using tracing papers on the images you've already collected. Or you can go for full fledged collage by tearing paper into small pieces. And, then assemble them into the shape of a patriotic symbol (flag, eagle, Statue of Liberty, etc.).

Creating the First Flag

All you need:
red, white, blue construction papers
PVA glue

Suppose you are given certain directions say the exact ones given to Betsy Ross for making the first flag:

"It was resolved that the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes of alternate red and white; that the Union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation."

Within these guidelines, you are free to design the flag as you wish. Just choose the size of the stripes, the arrangement of the stars, and the overall proportions of the flag.
Explore various other flag designs that would satisfy the guidelines established by Congress.

Stars and Stripes

All you need:
water color - red, blue and white
sponge cutter, or, a sharp knife
white construction paper

Now follow the various designs that have been adopted since the first Stars and Stripes to the current Flag.
Start with the construction paper. Draw outlines of the flags using the pencil and ruler. Including those of each strip.
From a sponge, cut out star shapes. Cut another rectangular sponge into 1" strips.
After flags have been created, you can also create other designs using the stars and stripes.

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