Crafts for Ganesh Chaturthi

The holy Hindu occassion Ganesh Chaturthi is not only a time to worship Lord Ganesha but also a festive time to meet up with our friends and relatives. Like any other festive occassion, Ganesh Chaturthi also calls for merry celebrations, an inseperable part of which is gift-giving. Make some beautiful gifts at home for your dear ones on Ganesh Chaturthi with our easy craft ideas for the festival. Put these Ganesh Chaturthi Craft Ideas to good use and make the festival more special for your loved ones making some splendid crafts for them all. To share these Ganesh Chaturthi Craft Ideas with your friends, just click here. Have an unforgettable Ganesh Chaturthi celebration!

Ganesh Chaturthi Craft Ideas

Check out these Ganesh Chaturthi Craft Ideas and implement them to create cool crafts for your loved ones:

Ganesh painting

Materials needed:
1) Hard Board
2) Chalk Powder
3) Glue
4) Water
5) Acrylic Paints
6) Metallic Colors
10) Sand paper
11) A picture of Lord Ganesha (full size)
12) Tracing sheet
13) Yellow carbon paper
14) Polythene cover
15) Acrylic Glossy Spray
16) Pencil

1) Clean the hardboard with a sandpaper. This will not only clean it cut also smoothen its surface.

2) Mix chalk powder and glue with a little water in a small bowl. The amount of chalk powder should be twice the amount of glue.

3) Using a spatula, spread the chalk-glue mixture evenly on to the hardboard. Allow it to dry for about 20 hours.

4) After the mixture has completely dried and stuck onto the hardboard, smoothen its surface again with the sandpaper.

5) Trace the outline of the Lord on a tracing sheet. Then trace the design to the board very carefully using yellow carbon.

6) Now make another mixture using the same ingredients. Pour it into a small plastic; make a small hole in its bottom. Use this to pour the thick mixture on the space inside the outline. Take care that it does not spill outside the border you have traced on the surface.

7) When the chalk mixture dries, start painting it. Apply acrylic colors for the body. Use metallic colors to make the ornaments. When you have finished, keep it aside to dry.

8) After it has dried, spray some acrylic glossy spray on the finished work. Frame the painting and hang it in your drawing room to form a beautiful decorative item.

Gift Pouch

You need:
1) Cardboard sheet.
2) A pair of scissors
3) Jute cloth/gunny bag
4) Super glue
5) Pieces of broken glass
6) Small artificial flowers, beads
7) Jute strings

How to make:
1) Cut a rectangular piece(size must be bigger than your gift) out of the cardboard sheet.

2) Fold it to form a cylinder. Cut out a cylindrical piece from an inch below the larger cylinder. This will be required to fix at the bottom of the pouch.

3) Cut out of the jute cloth a piece of appropriate length to be wrapped around the cardboard cylinder 2-3 times. Allow some cloth to be left both at the top and at the bottom to cover the cardboard piece entirely.

4) Stitch(or stick with super glue) the lose edge of the cloth over the cardboard cylinder. Next, attach an appropriate length of jute string on the upper and lower edge of the cardboard cylinder and also on the mouth of the pouch.

5) Using one of the pointed end of the scissors, make holes on both sides the upper portion of the pouch (above the cardboard ). Pass the jute string through the holes on both sides of the mouth of the pouch. Tighten it.

6) Attach the glass bits on the body of the pouch with glue to decorate it.

7) Attach the artificial flowers and beads on the end of the strings.

8) Now drop a gift item into your pouch, tie the strings into a beautiful knot and hand it over to the one you want to present it with.

Scented Candle

Materials Required
1) Wax (of any type)
2) Plain Paraffin Wax
3) A bowl
4) Candle/Candy/Meat Thermometer
5) Kitchen Stove
6) Large Coffee Can
7) Candle Color
8) A large pot
9) Pure Fragrance Oil/Concentrated Scent (without water or alcohol base)
10) Wick of Right Size (a little more than the candle size it is meant for)
11) Wooden Spoon (to stir)
12) A sharp knife

1) Chop the wax into little bits. This would help it melt quickly.

2) Fill half of the pot with water and heat it on medium temperature. Keep on heat until the water comes to a gentle boil.

3) Now pour the wax pieces into the coffee can. Place the wax-filled can into the water.

4) Use the wooden spoon to stir the wax time and again. Continue this until the wax melts fully at 160 F. Use the thermometer to measure the accurate temperature.

5) Lower the temperature. This will keep the water warm and the wax melted.

6) Now slowly add the color to the wax until you get the hue you exactly want. Allow the wax to cool for some time.

7) As the wax cools down, you will find the wax color paling a little too. You can add a little cool wax to get the accurate shade.

8) The colour has been taken care of, but what about the shade? Pour a little amount of fragrance oil/concentrated scent into the wax until it smells just right. Make sure that you do not pour too much oil as you may find it difficult to burn the candle later.

9) Now you have to make the candle. You can either make a single thick candle or two-three candles of average thickness. If the latter is your choice, use a wick that is more than twice in length of that of the candle.

10) Fold the wick in the middle and slowly dip it in the melted wax.

11) Take the wick out after you have dipped it in wax for a few seconds. Dip it in cool water bowl to cool the wax. Immerese again in the wax until you get a candle form.

12) Go on like this until several candles are formed.

12) When the candles are as thick as you want, roll them on smooth surface to get rid of the irregularities.

13) Heat the remaining wax again at 182 F. Dip the candles one by one in the wax again for a few seconds. Take out and keep aside to cool.

14) Use a sharp knife to trim the bottom of the candle to give it a straight edge.

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