Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

Annually celebrated in United States and Canada on 2nd February, Groundhog Day is a well known holiday that revolves around the popular weather lore of the coming out of a groundhog from its burrow on this date to look for its shadow. The winter is nearing an end if the groundhog sees its shadow and if it retreats into its hole in its absence the cold season is likely to continue for 6 more weeks. TheHolidaySpot brings you a wonderful section on Groundhog Day consisting of informative articles on the history and origin of the day as also attractive wallpapers, pictures to color, e-cards and an entertaining quiz related to the occasion. Celebrate Groundhog Day to the hilt and have a blast!

Groundhog Day is on Thursday, 2nd February, 2023

Happy Groundhog Day
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Signs of Spring

I hear the singing of the merry birds,
That’s a sign that spring is near;
Their songs are sweeter than any I’ve heard,
I’ll rejoice when spring is here.

I see the grass is creeping up,
That’s another sign of spring;
The leaflets of the violets and buttercups,
And lilies are here again.

I see the trees are budding fast,
They are anxious to show their beauty;
Ah! merry spring is here at last,
All nature is doing its duty.

I see the children so full of glee,
Welcome they are singing to spring;
The sound of their voices so merrily,
Summer is coming again.

I hear them playing in the streets at night,
Ah! winter you are surely gone;
You gave us scenes bedecked in white,
We’ll sing you a farewell song.

I hear them talk of Easter day,
That memorial day of Spring;
The Savior arose from the dead they say,
And liveth evermore again.

Bright jewels of earth shine on for Him,
And walk the narrow way;
Continue to be a righteous gem,
He’ll take you home some day.

By Jamie Harris Coleman

Happy Groundhog Day!