Groundhog Day Craft Ideas

As the little marmot pops and stays up, we are overjoyed at the thought that spring is finally here. But that is not the only reason for celebration as you will soon find out once you check out our fantastic craft ideas for Groundhog Day. These cool Groundhog Day Craft Ideas will help you unleash your artistic skills and make fantastic gifts and decorative items themed to the occassion, all by yourself. If you want to share these Groundhog Day Craft Ideas with your pals, click here and refer this page to them. Celebrate Groundhog Day with TheHolidaySpot!
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Popping Groundhog Puppet

Materials needed:
1) A paper cup (or styrofoam cup).
2) A craft stick (popsicle stick).
3) Brown construction paper - 1 small roll.
4) A pair of scissors.
5) Crayons/markers/tempera paint.
6) Glue.
7) Buttons/Googly Eyes (optional).

How to make:
1) Cut a circular or oval shape out of the brown construction paper to form the body of the groundhog.
2) Cut a smaller circle out of the brown paper to make the head of the groundhog.
3) Using crayons/markers, draw a mouth and eyes on the head. You can also glue on googly eyes.
4) Paste the two circular pieces onto the craft stick with glue.
5) Using scissors, make a small slit in the bottom of the paper/styrofoam cup.
6) Push the bottom of the popsicle stick into the hole.
7) Your groundhog puppet is cute and can pop-up whether the real ones do that or not.

Groundhogs Day Mask

Materials needed:
1) A paper plate.
2) A pair of scissors.
3) Brown pom-poms - 2, large.
4) Pink Pom Pom - 1, small.
5) A roll of string/yarn.
6) Hole Punch.
7) Glue.
8) Brown crayons/markers.

How to make:
1) Using brown crayon/marker, color the paper plate completely.
2) Draw two round circles in the middle of the top surface of the paper plate to make the eyes of the groundhog.
3) Cut out the circles to make two holes on the plate.
4) Draw a mouth on the lower half of the paper plate under the eyes.
5) Cut out the mouth portion to make another aperture on the mask.
6) Stick a pink pom pom under the eyes and before the mouth of the mask with glue to form the nose of the Groundhog.
7) Make the ears of the Groundhog by sticking the two brown pom poms on the top of the plate.
8) Cut your string into six 2 inch pieces.
9) Glue 3 pieces of string to each side of the groundhog's nose to make the whiskers.
10) Use the hole punch to make a hole on each side of the plate.
11) Thread through each hole a piece of string long enough to fit your/the wearer's head.

Groundhog Day Wreath

Materials needed:
1) A paper plate.
2) A little picture of a groundhog.
3) A roll of string/yarn.
4) Markers/Crayons.
5) Glue.
6) A pair of scissors. 7) A hole punch.
8) A tracing paper.
9) A medium-sized white paper sheet.

How to make:
1) Cut the inside circle out of the paper plate to get just its rim.
2) Trace the outline of the groundhog on a piece of paper.
3) Cut the groundhog shape out of the white paper. Using it as your template, cut similar shapes out of the rest of the paper.
4) Color the paper groundhogs and let them dry for sometime.
5) Glue the coloured groundhogs around the rim of the plate.
6) Form a hole in the top of the plate rim using the hole punch.
7) Pass a string through the hole and tie its ends into a knot.
8) Your Groundhog Day Wreath is ready. Hang it from wherever you like.

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