Quiz for Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa is the first day of the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar. Celebrated in Maharashtra as an occassion to mark a new year, Gudi Padwa is indicative of a new beginning. With the festival again around the corner, here we bring you an exciting quiz on Gudi Padwa. Attempt it and test yourself to see how much you know about the occassion. If you like trying out our wonderful Gudi Padwa Quiz and want to have your friends have a go at it too, please click here and refer this page to them. Wish you all a Happy Gudi Padwa!

Gudi Padwa Quiz

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Try this fabulous quiz on Gudi Padwa and test your knowledge about the festival. Anything above 8 points is good. The more you score the merrier. Enjoy!

Answer the questions below:

  1. On which day of the Chaitra month does Gudi Padwa fall?

  2. In Karnataka, Gudi Padwa is known as

  3. The "Gudi" actually refers to a

  4. As per a popular legend, Gudi Padwa is the day the universe was created by

  5. The word padwa is derived from the Sanskrit word

  6. The "Puran poli", a food item associated with the festival, is actually a

  7. Traditionally, "Kadulimbachi Paane" are eaten in Maharashtra on Gudi Padwa. What are they?

  8. This valiant Maratha leader is often associated with Gudi Padwa

  9. The colorful flag hoisted during Gudi Padwa is called a:

  10. Traditionally, what is often placed on top of the Gudi flag?

  11. What does the sweet dish "Shrikhand" symbolize during Gudi Padwa?

  12. Gudi Padwa is primarily celebrated in which Indian state?

  13. What is the significance of cleaning homes before Gudi Padwa?

  14. According to mythology, Gudi Padwa marks the victory of Lord Rama over:

  15. Many people wear new clothes on Gudi Padwa to symbolize:

  16. "Gudhi Padwa Sadubhava" is a popular Marathi saying meaning:

  17. Gudi Padwa celebrations often involve:

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