Interesting Facts on Hanuman

Each god and goddess represents some characteristicsto enlighten our mind. Each Hindu god and goddess represents some characteristics . Lord Hanuman is one of the most widely woreshiped Gods of this faith. Many people are seen devoting their Tuesday to the woreship of Lord Hanuman. Here are some facts about Shree Hanuman, who is not personified in Hinduism but also traced in Jainism and Buddhism.

Facts on Hanuman

Interesting Facts on Lord Hanuman

Why Hanuman has Sindoor or Vermillion applied all over his body :

Once Hanuman saw Mata Sita applying vermilion or Sindoor on her forehead. He asked mata, why she was doing it. Mata Sita replied that it was for the long life of her husband, Lord Ram. Hearing it, Hanuman applied sindoor all over his body, wishing the same.

Hanuman was a brahmachari, yet he had a son

While leaping over the ocean in his first journey to Lanka, Hanuman dropped a drop of sweat, which was swallowed by a fish. The fish gave birth to a boy name Makwardhwaja. Hanuman met him in the later part of Ramayana.

Lord Ram tried to execute Hanuman once

Narada, famous for creating mischief, once conspired so that Ram and Hanuman loose the harmony between them.

After Lord Ram became the King, asked Hanuman to greet all the sages except Vishwamitra, since he was a King once. Hanuman, trusting Narada, followed verbatim.

This was pointed out by Narada to Visjhwamitra, who was instigated. Vishwamitra went to Lord Ram and asked him to execute Hanuman. Vishwamitra was Ram's guru and so He couldn't say no either. It was decided that Hanuman will be executed the next morning by Ram's arrows.

Hanuman just kept chanting Lord Rama's name and strangely, none of Ram's arrows could touch him. He even used the brahmastra, but that also had no effect. Seeing this, Narada realized his mistake, he confessed to Vishwamitra, who asked Ram to forgive Hanuman.

Hanuman had written entire Ramayana once

Hanuman had etched His version of Ramayana on the mountains of Himalayas, with his nails.

When Valmiki went to meet Hanuman to show the Ramayana he has written, Hanuman took him to the mountains to show Valmiki His work. Valmikim was very sad, as he felt that Hanuman's version was far superior, and no one would Valmiki's version. Seeing this, Hanuman promptly destroyed his work on the Himalayas. Valmiki was filled with reverence, and said that he would love to take a rebirth, only to worship Hanuman and propagate His name.

Hanuman and Bhima of Mahabharat were brothers

Both were pawan putras, sons of Vayu, the God of air Hanuman though, was far more powerful than Bhima.

Number of names of Hanuman

Hanuman has 108 names. You can find all the 108 names by clicking here.

Lord Shani protects worshippers of Lord Hanuman

Hanuman rescued Lord Shani once from Ravana. Thereafter, as a token of respect, Lord Shani protects those who worship Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman is immortal

It is believed that Lord Hanuman is immortal and will exist on earth in his flesh and blood form till such time Lord Ram's name is chanted by his devotees.

Hanuman protected Arjun's chariot, in the Kurukhestra war

On request of Lord Vishnu, Lord Hanuman donned on the flag of of the chariot of Arjuna, and protected him from all weapons. At the end of the war, he left the flag, and immediately the chariot was burnt to ashes.

Lord Hanuman had 5 brothers

Born to his parents Kesari and Anjana, Hanuman had 5 real borthers, by the name Matiman, Shrutiman, Ketuman, Gatiman and Dhritiman, and they all had children as well.

Hanuman - means disfigured jaw, in Sanskrit

Lord Hanuman, when he was a kid, once went to swallow the Sun, thinking it to be a fruit. Seeing this, Lord Indra struck him in his jaw with his thunderbolt, which threw him to the earth, disfiguring his jaw forever. His sense of knowing his superpowers was also taken away from him, and it was supposed to return to him when the right time comes. He got his superpower senses back, when he had to leap over the ocean to reach Lanka.

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