Crafts for Independence Day

Freedom from Iron in Water

Craft Ideas for Indian Independence Day

Indian Tricolor banner

All you need:

White glue
Orange, white, and green colored pencils
Orange, white, and blue markers
Sticker of the blue wheel with 24 spokes
(or a cut out from a picture)


1. Cut shapes out of the Orange, white, and green construction paper.
2. Glue the shapes onto a base sheet 14"X17" or larger. This sheet should be red, white, or blue.
3. Draw additional details on the flag with a pencil.
4. Trace the pencil lines with markers.
4. Tell your friends what the colors and shapes symbolize in your flag.
5. Hang up the flag for Memorial Day!

Freedom Bracelet

All you need:

saffron( or orange), green and white paper
transparent tape


Cut strips of paper that are about 2 inches wide (the lesser the width, the thinner will be the bracelet) and 12 inches long.
Cut 5 orange strips, 5 green strips and 10 white strips.
Lightly glue a white strip to the back of each of the orange and green strips.
Now tape all the orange strips together end to end. So you have one LONG orange strip.
Repeat the process for the green strips.
Now, accordion fold the strips. Place them like an L and then fold over each other in an alternating pattern
... see diagram below... (solid colors are the front and slashed colors the white back of the paper)

crafts for the day

When you run out of paper, trim ends as necessary and tape so it doesn't unravel.

Roll into a circle and tape to form a bracelet (see photo for how it looks)

Freedom Collage

Make this collage using your imagination.

All you need:

for the base:

White construction paper
water color tubes
- orange, white, green
a color palette
2, or, 3 old toothbrushes
some board pins or weights

for the collage:

colored pictures and stickers of freedom fighters, Red Fort, Parliament House etc.
glue sticks


Cut the construction paper in the shape of a banner with size 18"X10".
Spread it out and pin the corners or put some weights.
Squeeze out color (say the orange one) on the palette and make a thin layer of paste with water.
Now wet a toothbrush and dunk it in the color. Hold the brush upside down and run your finger(s) through the top of the nylon bristles.

Precaution: Check out if the dots of color appearing on the paper are fine and evenly skewed. Otherwise shake excess water off the brush.
Starting with the orange shade, you can concentrate on the upper portion of the paper and as you move down the dots should appear lesser. When you finish there should be a horizontal orange band - deeper at the top, lighter at the bottom as it fades away into the white.

Repeat the process with green color starting with the opposite end.
(Better, you turn the paper upside down, before getting started with the green.)
Likewise the horizontal orange band, the green band should also gradually fade away into the white portion of the paper.

Now spray the white lightly around the middle, along the line where the orange and the green have overlapped.

Leave the whole thing to be dried. Meanwhile, concentrate on the pictures and stickers you have already collected.

When you are sure, the base is dry, paste the pictures and stickers.

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