Muharram will start on the evening of Saturday, 6th July and will continue for 29 days
until at sundown on Monday, 5th August in the year of 2024

One of the two holiest Islamic occassions, Muharram shares its name with the first month of the Islamic calendar when it is observed. The event serves to remind Muslims of the brutal assasination of Husayn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, and his entire family thousands of years ago. Take a tour of our beautiful section on Muharram that includes thematic e-cards, wallpapers, puzzle activities and a whole range of interesting articles covering the different aspects of the occassion. If you like our Muharram section and want to let your friends have a peek at it too, click here and refer this page to them all. May Husayn bless you and your loved ones!
Know all about the origin of this solemn Islamic occassion and its annual observance by Muslims.
blood of truth
Know how the bloodbath at Karbala altered the history of Islam and made Muharram an occassion of rememberance.
greetings cards
Connect with your friends and dear ones using these exquisite e-cards themed to Muharram.
A virtual observance of Muharram is easy with these beautiful wallpapers based on the occassion.
Learn why fasting and other such customs form an important aspect of the Muharram observances.
Familiarize yourself with this sacred Islamic occassion that commemorates the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim.
islamic calendar
Know all about the Islamic Calender which follows the lunar cycle and begins with the month of Muharram.
puzzle activities
Add a little cheer to this solemn occassion with an exciting array of puzzle activities themed to the occassion.
Muharram day dates in coming years
Know the day and dates of Muharram in coming years like 2015, 2016 to 2020