Labor Day Craft Ideas

A significant holiday for the working class of America as well as in many other nations, Labor Day is now a highly important occassion that is celebrated with festive merriment. TheHolidaySpot provides you with some simple craft ideas to help you construct some fantastic crafts for your loved ones on Labor Day. If you like these easy Labor Day Craft Ideas, put these to good use and click here to refer them to your pals. Have an aesthetic Labor Day celebration.

Patriotic Paper Chain

You need:
Red, white and blue construction paper
Transparent adhesive tape
A pair of scissors

1) Cut the three construction papers into 2 inch wide strips.

2) Form a loop with one strip and use stapler/tape to hold it together.

3) Pass another strip through the first one and make a loop with it too. Close it with tape or stapler.

4) Continue doing this until you have used up all the strips. Your patriotic chain is ready. Make sure that you use alternating colors for your chain.

5) Decorate the chain with glitters and stickers. You now have a great Labor Day craft.

Patriotic Necklace

You need:
Three empty thread spools
Red, white, and blue yarn
Wooden beads, in odd numbers.
A twine cord (abot 25 inch long)

1) Seperate all the wooden beads in three groups.

2) Paint one group of wooden beads in red, another in white and the remaining in blue colour.

3) Pass the wooden beads in alternating colours through the twine cord(ex: red, white, blue, red, white, blue...).

4) Tie the ends together to wear it as a necklace.

Handprint Wreath

You need:
People of different professions, glue, scissors, construction paper(of red, white and blue colour).

1) Ask the people of as many professions you can to put their hand on a piece of construction paper(red, white or blue). Use a pencil to trace the outlines of their hand.

2) Cut the handprints out. Make a small hole in the lower palm of each handprint and pass a string through them all. Make sure that you use handprints of alternating colours.

3) Your handprint wreath is ready. Hang it somewhere in your room.

NOTE: You must get the handprints in advance of Labor Day so that the occassion does not pass by before the completion of your craft.
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