Labor Day Game Ideas

Labor Day, the unique American workers' holiday, comes here again and brings along the opportunity to have feasts, festivities and loads of fun. TheHolidaySpot tosses at you some cool game ideas related to the Labor Day spirit to let you have some added entertainment during the occassion. Use these wonderful ideas to play innovative games at home with your friends and family and have a whale of a time. Enjoy a great Labor Day yourself and click here to let your friends have the same fun with these fabulous Labor Day Game Ideas. Wish you a grand Labor day celebration.

Games Ideas for Labor Day

Get to the Chair

You need: Several chairs, equal to the total number of players you have.

How to play:

1) Arrange all the chairs in a circular arrangement. All the players, except one, must sit in the chairs with only one of the players standing in the center.

2) The aim of this player is to sit in the extra chair. As soon as the game begins, the player must attempt to gain access to his/her chair an attempt that should be made difficult by the other players all of whom should move as quickly as possible to the chair next beside him or her. As all the players continue to do this again and again, it would get difficult for the player to slip in among them and get the coveted seat. But the player must get to his/her chair.

Pass the box

You need: Boxes, paper, transparent adhesive tape, sweets, a music player.

How to play:

1) Put a sweet or some other small gift in a small box. Make a big parcel by putting the small box inside several other increasingly large ones. Remember to wrap each box up with wrapping paper.

2) Arrange all the chairs in a close circular arrangement. All the players must sit in them close to each other. Someone should turn on the music.

3) As soon as the music begins to play, the participants must pass on the parcel from one to other, from left to right. The moment the music stops the player who is holding it can quickly start to unwrap it until the music starts again.

4) The player who manages to unwrap the final box keeps the contents.

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