Labor Day Special Game - Fruit of Labor

Fruit of Labor

You need:

A table, two-three large sized cardboard pieces, four plastic bowls, a pair of scissors and quick thinking.

plastic bowls

1) Get two-three large sized cardboard pieces. Cut out of each cardboard 26 small-sized alphabets of the English language. Once you have cut them out, you can use them as templates and cut out more alphabets of the same size. In all, you must form 16 pairs of each alphabet(16 "A"s, 16 "B"s, 16 "C"s and so on...). Remember to keep a carboard piece (dimensions 5" X 3") apart.

plastic bowls

2) Get four plastic bowls. Mix up 4 pairs of every alphabet in each of them.

4) Draw a map on the remaining cardboard piece sketching the description of the locations where the bowls are hidden. Cut this into 5-6 pieces and scatter it on a table like a jigsaw puzzle.


5) Now ask four players to rearrange the puzzle pieces and form the map. As soon as the players decipher the map, each of the players have to rush to one of the spots to get to the bowl. Then they have to come back quickly to the table.

6) Every player must attempt to get the appropriate letter pieces out of the 4 alphabet pairs and form the words "LABOR DAY". Whoever manages to form it first wins the game.

7) Hand out a prize to the winner.

Points to remember:

1) To avoid complaining, try to hide the bowls at equal distances from the table.

2) The prize should reflect the mood of the occassion. For Labor Day, you can gift something like a hat coloured with the hues of the national flag, T-Shirts/sweatshirts with Labor Day slogans and the like.

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