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May Day Quiz

Do you know enough about May Day? If you think you know enough, just try out this interesting quiz on May Day and answer the simple questions provided here. Even if you are not enough familiar with this festival, you can at least try these questions and enhance your knowledge on May Day.

Quiz for May Day

Try out this fascinating May Day Quiz and check your knowledge about the day. You gain one point for each correct entry. That is ten points for ten correct answers. Get going!

correct on first try

1. May Day was a major national holiday in the Soviet Union. During the Cold War, President Dwight D. Eisenhower tried to take back the holiday and called May 1 by what name?

2. What dance is associated with May Day?

3. What day does May Day fall on?

4. May 1 is also a day to celebrate the ...

5. Hawaiians call May Day by what name?

6. In the Celtic calendar, May Day is known as which of the following?

7. It is traditional on May 1 to give ...

8. The Pilgrims of the Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay colonies celebrated May Day by which of the following methods?

9. Not content with one new designation for May Day, Eisenhower also proclaimed May 1 as which of the following?

10. Which Roman goddess inspired May Day celebrations in pre-Christian times?

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