Rosh Hashanah: When was the world created

Our world was not created in just a day. It had to be created and recreated in order to take shape of today’s world. And the whole mechanism was single-handedly maintained by the divine Himself. He kept on creating and recreating this homely abode. Find out more about this miraculous creation and the Jewish interpretation of the whole concept of creation and recreation. Once you get a clear understanding of this whole divine theory, be sure to refer this page to your loved ones, so that they as well get a perfect understanding of this of this mechanism on this Rosh Hashanah.

Creation of The Universe And Prayer

Creation of the world

Many are under the impression that God has created the world some 5770 years ago and then spent the rest of His time overseeing the creation. However is not the real fact for it has great implications in our daily lives as well in the days that are yet to come.

It may be true that the world as we know it came into existence 5770 years ago and before that did not exist, but that does not mean that the creation ended at that time; rather the process of creation and hence, existence both as the world that we perceive and our own personal life, is a constant on-going process of creation. This does not however mean that there is an on-going addition to an existing creation, which would be in the case of a person who builds a house and then constantly adds on to it. Even though this is a constantly on-going creative process it is based on the fact that the original creation (the house) is intact, only that it is constantly being remodelled. This is not the case of G-d's creation.

For instance, when we say that the creation is a constant and on-going phenomenon, it means that every microsecond the creation is being recreated and refabricated. Thus to get a clear insight of how the process of creation works, take the example of the dots that you get to see on your computer screen which in accumulation give rise to an image, that you enjoy seeing. These creations are being refreshed at speedy intervals, at such a high pace that what you perceive as a static picture is actually a millions of pixels that are being shot at the screen so fast that the eye cannot actually discriminate the old pixel fading away making place for the new pixel to land on the screen. Thus is how the process of creation and recreation works.

However the creation with which G-d is associated with is way more complex, for He creates and then recreates in each and every possible moment, every molecule and every proton, every microscopic particle, everything in creation ceases to exist and then is created totally anew and why is it so? It is just because it is His desires to do so. It is because it is his sole desire that the creation which he gave birth to should be renewed at every interval and thus should not be a static one with additions and subtractions, as like the case of the home that was being constantly remodelled.

Now at this juncture we are bound be erupted with this question as to what possibly is the reason that G-d created the world in this manner of constant re-creation and not in the manner of constant remodelling? And what he has gained by this manner of creation?

Well the reason is quite a simple one for in the case where the home is being remodelled, the builder does not concern himself with the home once it is built, but rather he only makes sure that keeps on adding new items to make it more attractive and pleasant. Whereas when G-d recreates the world, He actively participates in the every aspect of creation and takes minute care over every detail. Thus this means that G-d is an active director of the world who actively takes extra care to direct everything so that every new creation and recreation is being directed by divine guidance each and every moment.

Therefore whatever happens in the world, whether it is good or bad, is but by the direct divine direction of a kind and merciful G-d who only does good. Thus every action that prevails on this earthly abode is per the direction of G-d. The only one aspect of creation that G-d left in our hands; that is the decision to have fear of G-d or not to fear Him. Everything else, our fortunes, our health, our happiness comes through a divine direction from above.

Thus we are the fortunate beings, mainly for two reasons. Firstly, because we know that G-d is sympathetic; thus every action that He brings upon us is only for our good. Just like a dedicated parent, he keeps on directing a child for his good, whether the child knows it or not, he directs the child to a good path. The child may at urge for something that is not worth a choice, and just like a loving parent, G-d directs the child to rethink over the choice made. Moreover just as a caring parent don’t hesitate slapping a child if he shows signs of disobedience , similarly nor does G-d hesitates to bring upon his children events that may abstain His children from performing any unpleasant deed. Although we cannot understand the ways of G-d, however we do know that He seeks our best interest. We can hardly understand his holy Torah; so we must accept His decrees with the understanding that it is for our best. So therefore, since G-d is actively directing the world, both in the aspect of the total world and also in our personal world, nothing can happen to us that is not for our personal benefit, even though we cannot perceive it as such.

Thus we are only able to understand the greatness of G-d only once when we consider that each and every action that comes upon each and every person by divine decree is from the Divine being. He is the one who is aware of each grain of sand, of each leave on each tree, of each molecule of water and thus he is the sole one who directs them to where they belong. He thus gives life to everything through His constant awareness, i.e. through his creations.

But even more so when we realize that He who has infinitely superior wisdom listens to our prayers, like a benevolent and wise father who listens to his young and simple child's requests which are not always the best requests, yet the father listens and has compassion on his child's lack of ability to express himself in adult terms or even desire that which is truly desirable, and he grants the child's wishes. So too with us, we are fortunate that G-d is merciful and compassionate. He created us and He knows what our real selves are. Thus He listens to our pitiful requests and quite often makes changes in His creation to accommodate our wishes.

Although Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are times of prayer and mercy, however there is never a time that the gates of prayer are closed. G-d is never inactive nor has any specific time when prayers can reach Him. Thus He is available to all who prays to him with truthful request.

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