Sweetet Day Facts

Facts on Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day has become an occasion akin to Valentine's Day - a day when people offer a candy or a small gift as a token of love and admiration.

As people become more mobile and jobs take them to different regions, the once-regional celebration of Sweetest Day is spreading throughout the country.

It's popularity has grown to the point that Hallmark has increased it's selection of Sweetest Day cards from 48 in 2000 to 142 in 2004.

Ohio is the number 1 celebrator of the Sweetest Day.

However, as far as gift sales for the day is concerned, Texas, California and Florida (hardly northeast states!) are among the top.

Appreciation for the simple things in life and the little surprises that a day can bring may be one of the trends that fuels the fun of Sweetest Day.

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